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This site is full of information on conservatories with articles, manufacturer reviews, images and much more. You can leave a tip or comment on a particular manufactuer for others to read using the form at the foot of the sites inner pages.  This article gives an overview of basic history, positioning, building and regulations with more detailed articles on specic types like Victorian conservatories and Wooden conservatories accessed from the right menu bar.

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Some History
The first buildings were created to allow exotic fruits such as oranges to be grown in Britain protected in a heated see through garden structure. These were only for the very rich and for private growing as the fruits being discovered in the Far East and Africa were sought after by the aristocracy of the time. Only rich merchants and lords would have been able to get the seeds and plant cuttings required for these buildings which at that stage were called orangeries or fruiteries.

DIY Conservatories UKConstruction was always changing as advances in materials were being made through the ages with the original buildings made of stone with heavy wooden roofs. Windows would be constructed between the stone supporting columns although solid they did not have the ability to let in a huge amount of light like the next generation of buildings. The advances in later years of cast iron and glass rolling allowed the construction of proper greenhouses covered in glass. These buildings became very popular and soon the conservatory was born for home tea parties in the Victorian ages. From the early 1900’s they began to lose favour until the seventies when double glazing and plastics made them a much sought after home extension.

Conservatories Prices
You must carefully plan your location as the sun rises and sets in a regular way and some sides of your house will get more light than others. Take into account whether you need a hot or cooling structure as a northerly position will be shaded and cooler especially in the winter getting very little direct sunlight. With a southerly looking building you will get a lot of summer sun probably resulting in needing a cooling system during the hottest period of the year.
As long as you don’t go over the permitted development limit that is set for your land then no planning permission will be required. The building is exempt as long as it meets the following requirements.
The floor area is less than thirty square metres and on ground level and no plumbing or fixed heating is installed for any reason. The roof requires to be totally transparent and made of toughened glass. The walls must be at least 75% glazed material and the structure must have a separating door so it is not an extension to the house.

Building and Conservatory Design

There are three options you can go for the first is a complete start to finish DIY conservatories job including conservatory design purchase and build. To undertake this you will need a fair amount of prior knowledge of DIY but it’s a challenge and a rewarding one both in satisfaction and financially. Second is to purchase a building from a DIY store and hire a builder to erect it for you but this leads to the problem of cowboy builders as many will do a poor job as no building inspector will be checking it. The third and usually most expensive method is to get a proper manufacturer to supply and build exactly what you want, if you can afford it do it this way. There are quite a few good suppliers so get conservatories prices from a few to compare.
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